Dr Alex Fox

Dr Alex Fox

Harley Street Counsellor

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Dr Alex Fox MA (Hons), MSc (Eng lit.), Pg.Dip (Couns), MSc (Couns),PhD (Eng Lit.)

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Registered Member of BACP







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Pluralistic Counselling in London









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Dr Fox is a mental health counsellor, who has an interest in working with high performing professionals in areas such as academia, finance and law. His counselling practice involves helping clients explore what they believe is holding them back and to aid them in constructing effective solutions. As one former client put it in their testimonial:

"Alex is an exceptionally insightful counsellor. His empathetic approach combined with a highly rigorous intellectual foundation, helped me understand the personal issues I needed to address and the best ways for me to manage them. Without his guidance, I would not have been able to make important life decisions as sensitively nor as effectively for my own sake and for the well-being of my family. His personalised approach was key to gaining my confidence and enabling me to move forward on issues with which I had struggled for years."

Dr Fox is trained to Masters level as a pluralistic counsellor, which is a form of counselling that focuses on a client’s goals and uses a variety of counselling models (e.g. person-centred, psychodynamic, solution-focused) to help a client reach their goals. Pluralistic counselling is therefore a flexible counselling approach that can be adapted to a wide variety of client needs; indeed, it can be adapted as much to helping clients resolve emotional conflicts from the past as it can be used to aid clients in overcoming current blocks in their professional life. Apart from his training in pluralistic counselling, Dr Fox has a MA (Hons) degree in continental philosophy and a doctorate in English literature (his PhD thesis was a psychoanalytic exploration of the work of the Nobel laureate, Harold Pinter). It is this eclectic training in the humanities and in counselling that allows Dr Fox to work with a wide variety of professionals.

Dr Fox is a Senior Consultant for Meisterline, the world's leading provider of professional expertise metrics. In his Meisterline role, he seeks to draw upon his soft skills background in enhancing the company's effectiveness. For those interested in Meisterline's work, please consult 'The KUJI Handbook' (available on Amazon) and its YouTube channel, which can be found here: Meisterline YouTube channel

Dr Fox welcomes any queries from prospective clients, who wish to receive counselling online. Please be aware that Dr Fox only works with clients online that are UK-based i.e. clients who are situated in the UK during their sessions.

Dr Fox practices online counselling at The Westlake Clinic, 7 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QD.


Anger management
Family issues
Low self-esteem
Panic disorder
Body dysmorphia
Relationship issues;
Suicidal thoughts

Dr Fox also sees clients for many other issues. Please enquire for further details.

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