Would you like to be part of a Harley Street Clinic?

Would you like to see an increase in business at your existing practice, due to the 'Harley Street effect'?

If you're a complementary or alternative health practitioner who wishes to increase your client numbers then join our Harley Street Clinic.

Harley Street is surely the ultimate address for any practitioner.  A worldwide reputation for a centre of medical excellence, Harley Street is where the best specialists practice.

Need to stand our from the rest?

With so many practitioners offering the same treatments, how do you stand out from the rest of the crowd? You want to be bigger, better, more successful than your peers, but how?

That's where we come in - A Harley Street address on your website provides that added kudos, it gives your clients reassurance that you're not just a one man band, that you are part of an established clinic.

The Westlake Clinic has been established on Harley Street for over 13 years. Being associated with a long standing clinic on Harley Street, establishes credibility for your brand. Not only are clients reassured of the quality and integrity of our therapists, but it makes your clinic stand our from the rest of the crowd.

Not based in London?
Even if you're not based in London, the benefit of being associated with a Harley Street clinic, listing Harley Street on your website and in your adverts should not be underestimated. 

Many of our therapists have seen an increase in business at their existing practice, due to the 'Harley Street effect'. Many clients will choose a therapist that is associated with a Harley Street clinic rather than another practice.

Suitable for a range of therapies

Our therapists cover a range of therapies, including hypnotherapy, counselling, psychotherapy, nutritional therapy, complementary therapies, psychiatry, life coaching, etc.

Official Harley Street Guide

The Westlake Clinic is advertised on the official Harley Street Guide  A guide to all the medical and complementary healthcare practitioners on Harley Street.

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