m Psychotherapy In London At The Westlake Clinic, Harley Street, London for Counselling by London Psychotherapist and Counsellor

Psychosexual Therapy At The Westlake Clinic

If your sexual relationship isnít giving you the pleasure or satisfaction it once did, or if it never has then you may find Harley Street Sex Therapy is the way forward.

Talking about your sexual relationship may seem a little strange at first; however, you will be talking to someone who is experienced in working with sexual difficulties.

Every person and situation is unique and how their difficulty is resolved will also be unique to them. We use integrative theories with the main approach being Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

The treatment will include personal homework tasks combined with treatment/therapy sessions.

Please be aware: This is not a sex surrogacy service or sex coaching service. There is NO sexual contact.

We are professional Psychosexual Counsellors.

We treat:

  • Sex addictions
  • Inhibited desire - Male
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Ejaculatory difficulties
  • Lack or loss of desire - Female
  • Difficulties in becoming aroused
  • Difficulties in attaining orgasm
  • Painful Sex Ė Male or female

For advice on Psychosexual Therapy, please contact one of our counsellors.


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